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Lots of books published every month, but almost no one talking about forex. Because There is no publisher who glanced the topic of the forex world .. Is mas sigit purnomo partnet my business, he sydah writing this book a year ago.
Udah fro all publisher contact the publisher but no one wants to publish, in fact they are interested in are still hesitant to publish a book about forek.
With great effort eventually fund itself mas Sigit Publishing book.

As told by mas Sigit directly in his blog:

"Has finished writing a book about the" FOREX TRADING STRATEGY FOR SAFE AND PROFITABLE "

After struggling the book is now finally ready diasarkan, to players in the world forex this book is very important to deepen and increase your knowledge.
All the story of the ups and downs mas sigit In living life can also be read in the book.
Start the Jaya-mas sigit heyday as the director of a vocational school, to develop a wing in multilevel business is not half-hearted him as its owner-direct. which eventually plunged the sigit mas .... down to the abyss of destruction she said .... (Already fallen kecemplung abyss sigit mas word) ...

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But now have another sigit mas ..... mas sigit did not automatically succeed in the forex world ... experience ups and downs during 3 years in forex as well he is told all in this book.
Luckily we got a book like this because we can take the experience of mas sigit directly in the forex business to pursue this. so we are new to the forex is not wrong in making decisions.

Book Size:
Width: 14 cm
Height: 20 cm
Thickness: -
Qty Pages: 188 pages. + Preface. + Cover.

1. Introduction to forex
2. Highly profitable Trading System
3. Forex conquer strategy right
4. Trading Risk Management
5. Trading Psychology Tips
6. How to make forex as "Trading for a living"
7. Personal Experience Author of this book in the forex business.

With language that enjoy and exciting narrative will be easier for us in studying forex impressed exclusive. Woke?
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